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Shoulder Mobility Program

Learn How To Overcome Pain and Bulletproof Your Body

What you'll get:

✓ A Comprehensive Guide on Functional Anatomy and Biomechanics- We  educate you on key concepts and help you gain an understanding about your body. Once you know whats going on you can do something about it!


✓ A Detailed and Thorough Self Assessment- Empower yourself by Identify the Exact movements you are having restrictions with. We specfically assess: capsular mobility, soft tissue extensibility and dynamic stability.

✓  Every Day Routine- Using best practices we give you the most effective daily routine we have cultivated over the years.  This 2 minute routine is guaranteed to fast track your joint health and overall performance.

✓ Customized Routine- A one size fits all program will not work for everyone! We use your assessment to determine which exercises are applicable for you. You are given a customized routine that you can do in less than 8 minutes per day. This Routine will be EXACTLY what you need and will fast track your success.

✓ Progressions/ Modifications- Not everyone can do every drill.  No problem- Every drill can be modified to suit your level.

✓ An Extensive Library- You have access to over 100 drills that are put together with verbal and text cues. We have fimed every drill and give you a tutorial so that there are no complications and no guess work!

✓ Direct Access to Us- If you have any questions at any time you can connect with us directly on our forum. We hold your hand through this process and make sure you get back to doing the activites you love! 

✓ Money Back Guarantee- Try out Our Program for 2 weeks.  If You don't make drastic improvements feel free to cancel and we will refund you 100% no questions asked!


Q - Can I continue my current exercise program while doing the mobility course?
A - Yes! Our course is designed in less than 10 minutes per day and makes a great compliment to any routine.

Q - Is there any equipment that I will need for the program?
A - The Mobility Programs utilize a minimalistic approach that can be done anytime, anywhere. On occasion you will need either a broom stick or PVC pipe to assist you during a few drills. That's it!

Q - I am concerned this program might be too much for me and my injuries.
A - Our Programs were designed using the same clinical rehab techniques for assessing and treating mobility deficits and other common shoulder, hip and spinal pathologies.

What People Are Saying:

“4 years ago I dislocated my right shoulder at an aerial yoga class. Even with my physio rehab knowledge, it has never been the same (mind you I do specialize in geriatrics and post-op ortho trauma). A few months ago, I came across Will and The Mobility Manifesto on Instagram I subscribed right away inspired by his injury and rehab story. The videos are super easy to follow. In only 3 weeks, I have made improvements in my range, have decreased pain and even my running arm swing looks better! Now for the strength phase. I would highly suggest the Mobility Manifesto. ”

- Kim Hall (Physiotherapist)