The Bulletproof Shoulder Solution

Eliminate Pain and Bulletproof Your Shoulders in 90 days!


Detailed Assessments

Using Video Technology we spend 60 minutes for an initial evaluation to find out where your are and where you need to be. We specfically assess: capsular mobility, soft tissue extensibility and dynamic stability.

Every 30 days we will re-evaluate and measure your progress to ensure you are moving towards your goals

Customized Program

A one size fits all program will not work for you! After the assessment we spend 24 hours customizing a specific routine that will be 100% tailored for you using only drills that are applicable for you. This customized routine will involve no fancy equipment and will be easily applied in less than 8 minutes per day. This Routine will include video demonstration and coaching cues eliminating all guess work!

Progressive Routine

As you inevitably make progress we will continue to re-assess you and adjust your programming to make sure that you are being carefully challenged to grow and overcome your restrictions... ultimately bulletproofing your shoulders so you can do the activities that you love!

Have Direct Access to us with 1-on-1 Coaching Calls

Throughout this journey we are with you the entire time. You have direct access to us. We will have 1-on-1 communication to make sure you reach your goals and get you moving better than ever before.

Our 90 Day Promise

Entrust in our Ability to help you overcome your shoulder restrictions and bulletproof them in 90 days or less. If You don't completely overcome your restrictions in 90 days we will work with you for free until you do!

"4 years ago I dislocated my right shoulder at an aerial yoga class. Even with my physio rehab knowledge, it has never been the same (mind you I do specialize in geriatrics and post-op ortho trauma). A few months ago, I came across Will and The Mobility Manifesto on Instagram I subscribed right away inspired by his injury and rehab story. The videos are super easy to follow. In only 3 weeks, I have made improvements in my range, have decreased pain and even my running arm swing looks better! Now for the strength phase. I would highly suggest the Mobility Manifesto."


"My livelyhood depends on my ability to use my shoulders. They need to be strong and functional. I had a rotator cuff injury that I couln't overcome. I was considering surgery, but wanted to exhaust all options. After finding the Mobility Manifesto guys they helped me overcome my shoulder problems and I forever grateful. I feel incredible!"

Massage Therapist

"Being an active guy has been something I've prided myself on over the years, but after dealing with a shoulder injury it affected my ability to do any pressing motions. With the help of the Mobility Manifesto I have been able to get back to weight lifting and am stronger than every before!"

Personal Trainer