Low Back Pain? Check Your Hips!

Uncategorized Sep 02, 2019

Low back pain continues to be one of the most common health complaints that limit people, especially as we spend many hours of our day sitting.

The vast majority of our society sits frequently and becomes less active as they age.  This results in limitations in hip mobility and poor hip function as a whole. Clinically I have found success in looking at limitations in hip mobility as a cause of low back pain. 

Having back pain? You need to step back and assess your body and your movement execution, quality and patterning first to set you on the path towards pain-free movement.

When screening and assessing the mobility of the hip complex, we must objectively look at three different aspects of human movement and function:

  1. Capsular Mobility
  2. Soft Tissue Extensibility
  3. Dynamic Stability

In tour hip assessment, we will look at both the assessment of functional mobility of the lower quadrant (more specifically the femoroacetabular joint) and the levels of muscle activation and stability that are required to yield quality ranges of motion.



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